Monday, May 16, 2011

God is bigger than the boogie-man...

It is so crazy how most of  last week was H-O-T HOT and so far since Saturday its been gross and chilly. I would like a happy medium. Warm. Not freezing, but not hot. Because neither of those extremes make me happy. I don't really enjoy being hot. I um...kindasweatalot (I know gross)...and I'm super self conscious about it so hot days for me. Don't get me wrong today would have been a perfect chilly, dreary, stay in my PJ's and take lots of naps and watch movies day, but that is so not realistic when you have a child. So instead I....drum roll please....went to a friends house and learned about couponing! Oh the exciting life of a stay at home mom ;) It was actually a lot of fun. I am ready to start my crazy money saving adventure! I learned about some awesome tricks and deals here and here. So far I know that I can go to Meijer and get Duncan Hines brownie mix for .09. That's right 9 cents!!!!! Annnnd I can get LA looks hair gel for FREEEEEE!!!! Since Mike once again sporting his Mohawk that will actually come in handy haha! I'm just so excited to save money!

So when Ellie is asleep and we have the monitor on sometimes you can hear a "click" that sounds like a light switch is being turned on and I just thought hmm that's weird. Well the other night Mike and I were in the living room and I heard it and asked him if he heard it and he said Yeah. And I was like hmm it sounds like a light switch what is it, and he said I don't know but it freaks me out. SERIOUSLY. SERIOUSLY. Now I'm all freaked out that Casper is in our house or something and every time I hear it I text him and say "I just heard the noise again...I hate you" The other night when he first said that I had to go to sleep singing "God is bigger than the boogie-man". Really, I sang it in my head over and over and over and over until I finally went to sleep. I don't believe in ghosts or anything but that doesn't mean that my imagination doesn't run away on me.
So thanks Mike, I just heard the noise again. UGH...God is bigger than the boogie-man He's bigger than Godzilla or the monsters on TV yeah God is bigger than the boogie-man and He's watching over you and me...God is bigger than the boogie-man............."

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