Thursday, June 9, 2011

Headbands Are Horrible!

So I can't believe I forgot to mention what happened at the "fair" yesterday. Ellie was looking super adorable in a blue and white ruffled romper and a white headband with a Gerber daisy. Like so adorable I wish I took a picture, especially after this little incident so I had proof of how "horrible" I am. While we were walking back through the hospital I had a lot of people comment on how adorable the headband was and how cute Ellie looked (not bragging it's necessary for the story....even though I do this she's the cutest thing haha!). Fast forward to a little bit after we got there.. I'm standing there talking to my sister, we are clearly in conversation: facing each other, mouths moving, words coming out, and Ellie is hanging out in her stroller looking cute. This lady waltz's over and proceeds to tell me I am doing great harm to my child by putting headbands on her. That there is an overwhelming number of studies showing how harmful it is to put adorable headbands on babies. I am going to limit her growth, ruin her brain, scar her for life, I'm a horrible mom for putting them on her blah blah blah. Ok so I'm paraphrasing here because I was so caught off guard I couldn't focus. and I might be exaggerating on the last two. So as both my sister and I stand there mouths wide staring blankly at her all I can seem to say is "well they're not tight and she doesn't wear them all the time." She said "well I just thought you should know" and turned and walked away. I was flabbergasted. Did that really just happen? My sister and I just looked at each other and said "REALLY? Wow!!" Of course when we got back to my house we had hundreds of replies of what we "should have said" because that's what always happens. You come up with witty, smartass comments after the fact! Next time I will be prepared.

So to all of you "horrible", I put super stinkin adorable headbands on my child, mommas watch out. There's a lady going around dressed in a horrible smock dress that will come find you and word vomit her unsolicited opinion all over you!

So here's to you lady!
Sure looks like I'm doing great amounts of harm to this adorable little head


Deanna said...

She looks very cute in that terrible, brain-cramping, life-scarring headband. :)

Raven said...

the nerve of some people! SO RUDE!!!!