Friday, June 24, 2011

Random Info

I saw this this on  Ashley's blog and thought it was a cute way to get to know someone. So here is some random info about me!

A: Age: 23

B: Bed size: Queen

C: Chore you dislike: Hmmm….Putting away folded clothes, and unloading the dishwasher, and…

D: Dogs: No, Definitely No! No.No.No.No.NO!!!

E: Essential start of my day: Putting in my contacts, I can’t stand to wear my glasses for longer than I have to.

F: Favorite color: Brown, ok so I guess that is a boring color so….Purple?

G: Gold or Silver: Silver

H: Height: 5'6"

I: Instruments that you can play: Hmmm…the recorder. I can play a mean “Hot Cross Buns!”

J: Job title: Vice President of the H household

K: Kids: For now our little girl Eleanor Ruth. Someday, hopefully 4 or more

L: Live: Michigan

M: Mom's name: Ruth Ann

N: Nicknames: Shelle, Belle

O: Overnight Hospital Stays: One from high BP while pregnant and then 2 nights for delivery. I did stay overnight on a gurney in the hallway in the ER but I was never technically admitted. One of the longest nights of my life! 

P: Pet Peeve: Let me get out my list…haha. I would have to say one of my biggest pet peeves is when my hubby shaves and doesn’t fully clean the sink.  KILLS me!

Q: Quote from a movie:
Marriage is like that show Everybody Loves Raymond, but its not funny. All the problems are the same, but…you know instead of all the funny, pithy dialogue, everybody is really pissed off and tense. –Knocked up

R: Righty of Lefty: Righty, Yeah Baby!

S: Siblings: 2 older brothers (twins)
T: Time you wake up: Whenever E decides it’s time to start that day. Normally around 7:30 but sometimes 5:30-I hate those mornings and count down till nap time!

U: Underwear – Of course
J…I mean typically boy shorts from VS

V: Vegetables you dislike: I love vegetables and I really don’t think there are any that I dislike.

W: What makes you run late: I used to never be late, it actually used to be one of my biggest pet peeves when people were late (ask my husband) but now I've learned that I need to cute people some slack. Because now that we have a baby I swear I am never on time for anything! We are totally on a different schedule. So I guess I would say it’s a combination of E and my poor time management skills now that I have another human to get ready.

X: X-Rays: Of gosh a ton. Feet, Hips. Hand (a few times). I guess that’s what happens when you play soccer!

Y: Yummy food you make: Well I guess desserts…specifically cake. That’s what everyone asks me to bring to get togethers.

Z: Zoo favorite animal: I love the elephants…Oh wait, our zoo got rid of those…so I guess the monkeys

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